If you own a Leasehold Flat or House we can advise on the process of extension and provide the appropriate Leasehold Extension Valuation and assist with negotiations to extend your lease. The Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 not only confirmed the right for Leaseholders to purchase their freehold, it extended this to the leaseholders of flats to collectively enfranchise too, subject to certain requirements and qualifications.

  • Lease Extension
  • Leasehold Enfranchisement
  • Freehold Purchase or Right to Manage

                                "Testimonial: When the valuation report was sent to me, I was very impressed by the professional way in which  it was written.   It set out very clearly the basis of the valuation of my flat and comparing it to other flats in the local area. I understood why and how much I should pay for the lease extension. Thanks to Ian,  a considerable sum of money has been saved as well as a lot of headache and bother.

Therefore I would recommend anyone who wishes to make a lease extension, particularly in the Reading West area, to contact Ian at YA Properties."

Extra Information.

For our FAQ's on extending your lease please see this link: 

FAQ's for the Leaseholder

Here is a handy calculator to help you calculate your premium.

"Lease Calculator"


This leaflet will help you with more Information regarding lease extensions 




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